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At Phepha we strive for the betterment of our environment and the creating of job opportunities.

Starting in a time period when recycling was not considered an integral part of global survival, one entered into a contractual agreement with the local city council to “scavenge” the dump site – for the life span of that site. Basically, they could redeem anything but the removal of the material was their responsibility.


With no sorting facilities available on the municipal sites, an outside paper sorting plant was soon established.


This meant an income increase on the same volumes by upgrading the paper traded – from CMW(common mixed waste) to their individual classifications HL1, HL2, K4.


The next logical step was sourcing from the source. The team’s focus was not waste management. They realized that by creating effective awareness of recycling within companies and people, they could bypass waste management and do clean collections – their first exchange and principle on future exchanges.


Within two years the company’s premises were too small.


Relocation happened to new premises but soon enough expansion dictated another move. At this time, bulking processes were implemented – through volume demand. Compacting and bailing enabled fast outflow of large quantities of incoming paper and plastic material.


The team also established a new informal supply chain by way of the “trolley people”.

Hundreds of financial independence seeking people from the informal sector were generating their own, regular daily income through fair exchange.


An opportunity arose to purchase a small, equipped plant in Benoni (leased at our current premises). The processing focus was plastic but the site was ideally suited for Phepha Recycling’s future growth.


This move allowed for major expansion and the subsequent opening of three other branches.

International influx of material however, made available at below local processing cost, forced businesses to streamline and become more focused in their operations.


The team downscaled and they focused on using their resources to it’s utmost efficiency at a single processing plant. Today, these premises house our sorting and bailing plants and are outright company owned.


Having weathered time, having the good with the bad, this dedicated team has steered this business on a successful path.




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